Organic Live

by Bemine

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released July 27, 2015

Joanna Longić - voice, music & lyrics
Hanna Raniszewska - arrangement
Kornelia Grądzka - violin I
Paulina Kusa - violin II
Maria Skarbek-Kiełłczewska - viola
Dobrawa Czocher - cello
‎Piotr Wieczorek - recording, mix & mastering



all rights reserved


Bemine Warsaw, Poland

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Track Name: Fastrygi (Mela Koteluk Cover)
Permanency keeps our blood alive

Like tsunami
 lets us sleep tonight

Honest prayer of
 all the children that I know

Gives us power not to be fearful any more

Lasting ages fragile truth design
Severe hunger that you can’t describe

Jump my darling but never when you’re on your own
Don’t you dare to
 run away alone

Temptations disappear
Our fears won’t make us sink

If hurricane tears off
The roof from up above
Track Name: In the Air - Live
I’m not sleepy
You know that sometimes I really can see
You don’t understand
This night that never seems to have an end

Leave me alone
You’re looking for something you don’t know
Some kind of dream
Is that what you mean

I keep seeing things in the air
I keep seeing things in the air

Don’t talk nonsense
To die would have been the worst offense
Don’t love anymore
You were the one who was worried before
Didn’t matter
Everything in your life comes together
Like a madman
Watch them start in all over again
All over again
Track Name: Happiness - Live
How long do you plan to go on lying to yourself
I don’t want to stay here it’s too sad
What happens is that happiness belongs to only one
While misfortune seems to belong to everybody

I can‘t talk about
Happiness but
That doesn’t mean that
I haven’t been happy
We made love like
Two musicians
You have passed into
Another existence